DIY Cosmetics

DIY cosmetics are becoming more and more popular as customers crave control over the types of ingredients that they use on their bodies. Essential oils can be used effectively in many DIY cosmetics.


  • Skin type
    Knowing your skin type can be the single most important step in skincare. Pure essential oils can be incredibly nourishing and balancing for your skin. Whether you have oily, dry or combination skin, high-quality oils can help soothe dryness, get rid of blemishes and reduce wrinkles.
  • Body part
    Body part aches and pains can disrupt everyday life. When immediate treatment is needed, muscle rubs with essential oils can reduce inflammation, soothe aches and bring temporary relief to the problem.
  • Action type
    The action type of an antioxidant determines its anti-microbial and anti-carcinogenic properties. Studies have shown clove bud essential oils to be high in antioxidant activity while grapefruit oil’s quotient was relatively low.
  • Cosmetic type
    Cosmetic type essential oils are distilled and processed for use in beauty products. These oils are tested before being approved for retail, and they are safe to use as directed.
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