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Muscles & Joints Massage Oil

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Muscles and joints massage oil

Soothe your sore muscles and joints with the Muscles & joints massage oil. This lotion is composed of 7 essential oils well known for their anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatismal and antalgic properties. It can equaly be used when practising sports (before and after an effort) or when subject to rheumatisms. Massage the concerned areas once or twice a day. In case of rheumatisms, continue this treatment for several weeks of necessary.


Macadamianut vegetable Oil: circulatory system regulator, it is perfect for massaging. It doesn't leave any sensation of greasyness (See macadamia vegetable oil to learn more)

Wintergreen EO: antispasmodic, antalgic, anti-inflammatory (Seewintergreen essential oil to learn more)

Juniper essential oil: powerful anti-rheumatismal (Seejuniper essential oil to learn more)

Ravensara essential oil: muscular decontractant, antalgic (Seeravensara essential oil to learn more)

Roman chamomile essential oil: antispasmodic, powerful anti-inflammatory, antalgic (Seeroman chamomile essential oil to learn more)

Laurel essential oil: anti-inflammatory, antalgic, local anesthetic (Seelaurel essential oil to learn more)

Peppermint essential oil: antispasmodic, tonic (Seepeppermint essential oil to learn more)

Rosemary essential oil: anti-rheumatismal (Seerosemary essential oil to learn more)

This massage oil is provided in a 50 ml roll-on glass bottle with spray pumps. Its components, the above vegetable and essential oils, are 100% pure and natural. They should not be used by children, pregnant or breastfeeding women, unless otherwise indicated. They should not be ingested.

Reviews Muscles & Joints Massage Oil


Elle a un effet un peu anesthésiant pour soulager des entorses et des douleurs musculaires. Elle est très puissante, rapide.


    Moi, je verse un peu de cette huile dans mon bain pour qu'elle s'applique à toutes mes articulations toutes raides.

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      Muscles & Joints Massage Oil

      Muscles & Joints Massage Oil

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