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Sweet orange essential oil

Aromatherapy usages

essential oil bathInsomnia (sleep disorder) : Sweet orange essential oil (3 drops) + Basil exotic essential oil (organic) (3 drops) + Bergamot essential oil (3 drops) + Hair & Body Liquid Soap (1 spoon soup) + Mandarin essential oil (3 drops). Dilute essential oils in the neutral base and pour in the hot tub. Relax for about 20 minutes in the bath. Come out of the bath without rinsing and go to bed. Take a bath every day for 15 days.

essential oil massageNervousness/ inner turmoil : Sweet orange essential oil (2 ml) + Jojoba Oil (organic) (5 ml) + Lavender essential oil (3 ml) + Sweet Marjoram essential oil (2 ml) . Make this preparation using essential oils and vegetable oil in the proportions indicated. Rub a few drops on the solar plexus and the arch of the foot twice a day (including once before bedtime).

diffusion ou inhalationPostpartum depression (PPD) : Sweet orange essential oil (2 ml) + Litsea cubeba essential oil (2 ml) + Mandarin essential oil (2 ml) . In your diffuser, pour these 3 essential oils and diffuse 3x a day for 10 minutes.

essential oil diffusionStress : Sweet orange essential oil (5 ml) + Lavender essential oil (5 ml) + Petitgrain essential oil (organic) (3 ml) + Ylang Ylang essential oil (7 ml) . In a 30-ml bottle amber glass, pour the essential oils in the proportions indicated. Shake and let stand for 2 to 3 days. Spread in the atmosphere for 5 to 10 minutes every hour.

essential oil diffusionTobacco addiction : Sweet orange essential oil (5 ml) + Mandarin essential oil (5 ml) . Mix these two essential oils and spray them in the air (5 minutes every hour).


Do not use pure essential oil on the skin (causes inflammation). Not to be used by pregnant or breast-feeding women.

Warnings: Use with caution. All the essential oil information available on our website (dosage, association, indications) has been gathered from a number of aromatherapy reference books written by medical researchers. This information should not however be taken as a substitute to a professional medical advice and, for that matter, does not engage our responsibility: CENTIFLOR is not liable for any accidents, injuries or prejudices whatsoever caused to anyone practicing auto-medication on the basis of the information available on this website.

Botanical name: Citrus sinensis

Origin: Origin Spain

Cultivation: Conventional (100% pure, 100% natural)

Part of plant:

Organoleptic characteristics:

Chemotype: limonene (95.00%),

Main properties in aromatherapy: antiseptic pulmonary, antiviral, balsamic expectorant, cortison-like, digestive stimulant, immune regulator (+), lymphotonic, respiratory decongestant,

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