This page allows you to search an essential oil from chemotypes and / or major biochemical components or properties. Conversely, when you have an essential oil, you can search for key biochemical components and associated properties.

These mapping tables have no exhaustive and are issued for information purposes only. * The information in these tables is not intended to be a substitute for advice and orders issued by a doctor. Only a doctor is authorized to issue the therapeutic treatment that will be most suitable.

Before using essential oils for use in aromatherapy or other, be sure to read the precautions that will be available under "know everything about essential oils".

Choose a property, chemotype or essential oil

* The proportions are indicative of average recorded on our EO analysis reports. All chemotypes are not indicated (some essential oils comprise more than 300!). The symbols +, ++, +++ and ++++ indicate greater or lesser intensity with which a molecule is in the given property, regardless of the percentage of this molecule in an EO.