Perfume free Hair & Body Liquid Soap

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    Perfume free Hair & Body Liquid Soap : Uses in aromatherapy

    • essential oil massage


      Perfume free Hair & Body Liquid Soap (100 ml) + Geranium bourbon essential oil (organic) (10 drops) + Juniper essential oil (organic) (5 drops) + cedar essential oil (organic) (5 drops) + Tea-tree essential oil (organic) (15 drops) . Mix essential oils in the neutral base and wash your hair with this shampoo.

    • essential oil bath


      Perfume free Hair & Body Liquid Soap (1 spoon soup) + Eucalyptus radiata essential oil (organic) (8 drops) . Dilute the essential oil and base in a tub, pour hot water and the mixture. Soak your feet in the tub for 15 minutes. Add hot water as needed.

    • essential oil bath


      Perfume free Hair & Body Liquid Soap (250 ml) + Sweet almond oil (organic) (1 ml) + Lemon essential oil (organic) (1 ml) + cedar essential oil (organic) (1 ml) + Palmarosa essential oil (organic) (1 ml) + Niaouli essential oil (organic) (1 ml) . Add essential oils to your neutral base and wash your hair normally.

    • essential oil bath

      Insomnia (sleep disorder)

      Perfume free Hair & Body Liquid Soap (1 spoon soup) + bergamot essential oil (organic) (3 drops) + Basil exotic essential oil (organic) (3 drops) + Mandarin green essential oil (3 drops) + Sweet orange essential oil (organic) (3 drops) . Dilute essential oils in the neutral base and pour in the hot tub. Relax for about 20 minutes in the bath. Come out of the bath without rinsing and go to bed. Take a bath every day for 15 days.

    • essential oil bath

      Rheumatoid arthritis

      Perfume free Hair & Body Liquid Soap (12 ml) + Maritime Pine essential oil (10 ml) + wintergreen fragr. essential oil (organic) (10 ml) + Lavandin super essential oil (organic) (10 ml) + Juniper essential oil (organic) (10 ml) . Mix essential oils with a neutral base and pour the mixture into the hot bath (38°C) and relax for twenty minutes. Repeat this once a day every day until improvement.

    Perfume free Hair & Body Liquid Soap :

    Perfume free Hair & Body Liquid Soap : guide huiles essentielles

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    Hair & Body liquid soap

    Fragrance-free, foamy, neutral soap. Particularly suitable for fragile, sensitive skins and for children. Ready to use as is or for adjunctions of essential oils. The coprah oil contained in this soap helps it soften, hydrate and shield the surface of the skin.

    Composition: Vegetable fatty acids (mix of Coconut, Palm-kernel, Olive, Rape seed) and organic hydrolats. All components are very soft and of vegetable origin: water, cophra and coconut oil, glucose, lavender (Lavandula officinalis) and Lavandin organic hydrolats, salt, fatty acids and glycin, dry extract of grapefruit seeds.

    Properties: A disinfectant, it gently cleans the skin. It can be used for baby care and for intimate care.

    How to use:
    - Adults: Add 50 drops of essential oil to 250 ml of this liquid soap.
    - Children: Add 10 drops of essential oil to 250 ml of this liquid soap.
    Shake for a few minutes, until thoroughly mixed.

    Essential oils for the bath :
    - Bergamot: antiseptic, deodorising
    - Chamomile: induces sleep, apeases skin allergies, for children and babies
    - Lemon: facilitates lymphatic drainage, recommended for rosacea, hemorrhoids veinous stasis, safe for children
    - Cypress: favours veinous circulation (water retention, cellulite)
    - Juniper: anti-rheumatismal (gout), acne, psoriasis, seborrhea, urinary tract inflammations
    - Geranium: for the skin (eczema, impetigo, rosacea)
    - Lavender: soothes the nervous system, muscular tensions, induces sleep, well suited for children and babies
    - Sweet Marjoram: soothes muscle ache, recommended for migraines and insomnia
    - Bitter orange: anti-stress, care of grrasy and thick skins
    - Palmarosa: regenerating
    - Pine tree: anti-rheumatismal, arthritis
    - Rosemary: tonifying (perfect for a morning bath), reduces rheumatismal pain, antalgic
    - Sandal wood: facilitates the blood circulation
    - Clary Sage: antalgic and sudorific, deintoxicating
    - Ylang Ylang: sexual energy stimulant, anti-depressant

    Warning: Only use essential oils that are non-dermocaustic and non-irritating to the skin. If you have a sensitive skin test first for allergy. Shake well before each use. Avoid contact with the eyes. Keep away from children.

    Environment: All ingredients are non-agressive and respect the environment. No silicones, no mineral oils derived from petroleum, no GMOs, no synthetic coloring or fragrance, no sodium laureth sulfate, no sodium lauryl sulfate, no PEG, no paraben, no phenoxyethanol, no animal residues. Final product non tested on animals.

    250 ml plastic (PET) bottle with aluminum cap.