Moringa Oil

Moringa oleifera

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    Botanical name : Moringa oleifera

    INCI : Moringa Oleifera Oil

    Origin : India, Africa, Madagascar, Asia, South America

    Botanical family : Moringacea

    Other names : Drumstick tree, Ben oil, Behen oil

    Extraction : Moringa organic oil is extracted  by pressing the seeds of Moringa oleifera tree.

    Composition : The chemical composition of Moringa oil extracted from the mature seeds is  close to olive oil. Reach in  saturated fatty acids (13%), in unsaturated fatty acids (82%) and in behenic acid (about 5,7%).

    Reach in anti-oxidants, vitamins A, E, C

    Characteristics :
    - Aroma : natural light hazelnut
    - Appearance : oily liquid
    - Colour : light yellow to dark yellow

    Beauty tipps

    Moringa oil is known for its cosmetic and medicinal properties. Much more than just a vegetable oil, it's a real repairing treatment for very sensitive skin.Recommended in case of eczema, psoriasis, acne, stretch marks and redness.

    Moringa oil protects the skin and participates in scar healing. The regular application of this oil allows the skin to regain its freshness and shine.

    Moringa oil is a powerful hair conditioner. It should be used as a hot oil conditioner to deal with nearly any hair related problem.

    The hot oil treatment leaves the hair well moisturized, the hair roots are nourished, dandruff is washed out and there is much less irritation on the scalp.

    Properties :

    •     regenerating
    •     nourishing
    •     firming
    •     anti-aging, anti-wrinkle
    •     soothing
    •     calming
    •     scar healing
    •     remineralizing
    •     regulating the PH of the skin


    Packaging : 30 ml or 100 ml transparent glass bottle with cream dispenser

    Preservation : Store the Moringa oil in a cool and dry place, at temperature under 20°C.

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