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    Muscles and joints massage oil

    Soothe your sore muscles and joints with the Muscles & joints massage oil. This lotion is composed of 7 essential oils well known for their anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatismal and antalgic properties. It can equaly be used when practising sports (before and after an effort) or when subject to rheumatisms. Massage the concerned areas once or twice a day. In case of rheumatisms, continue this treatment for several weeks of necessary.


    Macadamianut vegetable Oil: circulatory system regulator, it is perfect for massaging. It doesn't leave any sensation of greasyness (See macadamia vegetable oil to learn more)

    Wintergreen EO: antispasmodic, antalgic, anti-inflammatory (Seewintergreen essential oil to learn more)

    Juniper essential oil: powerful anti-rheumatismal (Seejuniper essential oil to learn more)

    Ravensara essential oil: muscular decontractant, antalgic (Seeravensara essential oil to learn more)

    Roman chamomile essential oil: antispasmodic, powerful anti-inflammatory, antalgic (Seeroman chamomile essential oil to learn more)

    Laurel essential oil: anti-inflammatory, antalgic, local anesthetic (Seelaurel essential oil to learn more)

    Peppermint essential oil: antispasmodic, tonic (Seepeppermint essential oil to learn more)

    Rosemary essential oil: anti-rheumatismal (Seerosemary essential oil to learn more)

    This massage oil is provided in a 50 ml roll-on glass bottle with spray pumps. Its components, the above vegetable and essential oils, are 100% pure and natural. They should not be used by children, pregnant or breastfeeding women, unless otherwise indicated. They should not be ingested.

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          Sports Massage Oil

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