CO-2-Extract Coco Nut (organic)

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    The major flavour components of coconut meat are delta C8- and delta C10 lactones which are described as buttery, tropical-fruity and coconut-like. Other sensitive minor compounds with significant flavour and odour impact are described mostly as fruity and also nutty, green, lemon and rose aromas. The product has a lush and authentic coconut flavour very close to fresh-cut coconuts.

    Application in food:

    The Coconut CO2-se extract is a new ingredient for premium and fine food where it unfolds exciting organoleptic and olfactive effects. It lends an extraordinary flair to e.g. chocolate, confectionery, cookies, desserts, frostings and other premium products. It can also be used to boost coconut flavour and odour of conventional coconut products and formulations.

    Application in cosmetics:

    Coconut CO2-se extract is used as fragrance and care component in hair care products, sun protection lotions, bath oils, creams and massage oils.

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