Kunzea essential oil

Kunzea ambigua

Tick Bush, Ducane Kunzea, White Cloud, White Kunzea


leaves and twigs

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    Kunzea essential oil

    Botanical name: Kunzea ambigua

    Second name: Tick Bush

    Origin: Australia

    Cultivation: wild

    Distilled plant parts: leaves



    - Aroma: top note: fresh (like a very pleasant variety of Eucalyptus), spicy, a hint of cinnamon with a note of pine and herbs
    - Appearance: mobile liquid
    - Colour: uncolored to pale yellow


    Botanical main components:

    alpha pinene (48,5%), beta pinene (0,6%) , 2,3-dehydro-1,8 cineole (15,4%), myrcene (0,3%), limonene (1,3%), terpinene 4-ol (0,4%), alpha-terpineol (2,1%), bicyclogermacrene (5,2%), citronellol (0,8%), calamenene (0,8%), ledol (0,8%), globulol (6.4%), virdiflorol (4,8%), spathulenol (0,4%)


    Main properties in aromatherapy: Relieves pain, excellent temporary relief of arthritis, muscle strains, tendonitis and pain, eczema, insect bites and inflammation, gout, dermatitis, cuts, acne, rashes, chilblains, flu. Lifts stress and tension. Lifting or cleansing a room, spa or steam room.


    Examples for uses:

    diffusion ou inhalation oil burner, vaporiser: put few drops of the essential oil in the burner or vaporiser

    bain spas, saunas, baths, foot baths are greatly improved by the addition of 2-10 drops of Kunzea oil.

    voie cutanée Kunzea oil can be applied neat to the skin but skin test first with a drop of Kunzea oil to the back of the hand. If a reaction occurs, dilute the oil down to 10% with a vegetable oil.

    voie cutanée Irritated red skin on teenagers can be greatly improved by the application of this remarkable oil, in this case dilute the oil.


    voie cutanée Massage for tired muscles: Mix Kunzea essential oil and Sandalwood essential oil together (2,5ml) with 50ml of Macadamia oil. Then, apply on the zone all long of the spine.

    diffusion ou inhalation Flu: put 5-10 drops of Kunzea essential oil into a boiled water and after 5 minutes take a nasal inhalation.


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    Registered with the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration (of Australia))

    In aromatherapy and in traditional chinese medicine, Kunzea essential oil is used for the emotional balance and harmony between yin and yang. This is a yang oil.

    Its yin equivalent is Fragonia essential oil.


    Cautions: skin irritations



    Do not use pure essential oil on the skin (causes inflammation). Not to be used by pregnant or breast-feeding women.

    Warnings: Use with caution. All the essential oil information available on our website (dosage, association, indications) has been gathered from a number of aromatherapy reference books written by medical researchers. This information should not however be taken as a substitute to a professional medical advice and, for that matter, does not engage our responsibility: CENTIFLOR is not liable for any accidents, injuries or prejudices whatsoever caused to anyone practicing auto-medication on the basis of the information available on this website.

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