Winter Savory essential oil (organic)

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Nom botanique Satureja montana L.

Origine Origin Spain

Type de culture Certified organic by ECOCERT sas F-32600 L'Isle-sur-Sorgues

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    Winter Savory essential oil (organic) : Uses in aromatherapy

    • essential oil absoption

      Bacterial or viral infection

      Winter Savory essential oil (organic) (1 ml) + thyme thujanol essential oil (1 ml) + (10 drops) . Prepare the mixture in a 5 ml vial. Shake well. Put 1 drop of this preparation on a tablespoon of honey.

    • essential oil massage


      Winter Savory essential oil (organic) (2 drops) + thyme thujanol essential oil (2 drops) + Tarragon essential oil (2 drops) + Sandalwood essential oil (2 drops) . Massage the lower abdomen every morning, noon and night for several days.

    • essential oil massage


      Winter Savory essential oil (organic) (2 drops) + (2 drops) + Clove Bud essential oil (organic) (2 drops) + Basil exotic essential oil (organic) (2 drops) + thyme thujanol essential oil (2 drops) + Baobab Oil (organic) (10 drops) . Massage the lower back as well as the lower abdomen 3x/day with a few drops of this mixture.

    • essential oil massage


      Winter Savory essential oil (organic) (1 drop) + (1 drop) + Basil exotic essential oil (organic) (1 drop) + Clove Bud essential oil (organic) (1 drop) + thyme linalol essential oil (organic) (1 drop) + Baobab Oil (organic) (10 drops) . Mix all these ingredients and massage the back and lower abdomen, morning, noon and evening until improvement of symptoms.

    • essential oil absorption


      Winter Savory essential oil (organic) (1 drop) + Peppermint essential oil (organic) (1 drop) + Niaouli essential oil (organic) (1 drop) + thyme thujanol essential oil (1 drop) + Pumpkin Seed oil (organic) (5 drops) . Mix the essential oils, the vegetable oil and a pinch of salt. Gargle and spit out. 3x/day.

    • essential oil massage


      Winter Savory essential oil (organic) (2 ml) + Juniper essential oil (organic) (1.5 ml) + (1.5 ml) + Clove Bud essential oil (organic) (1.5 ml) + Oregano essential oil (organic) (2 ml) . These essential oils possess properties to remove warts. Apply only one drop on the wart twice a day until it disappears (in 2 to 4 weeks).

    • massage ou friction

      Wart (2)

      Winter Savory essential oil (organic) (1 ml) + Cinnamon bark oil (organic) (1 ml) + Lemon essential oil (organic) (1 ml) + Mandarin red essential oil (organic) (1 ml) .

    Propriétés: antifungal, antioxidative, antiparasitic, antiviral, bactericide, balsamic expectorant, cholagogue, cortison-like, immune regulator (+), immune stimulant, lymphotonic, percutaneous analgesic, respiratory decongestant, tonic stimulating, warming

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    Do not use pure essential oil on the skin (causes inflammation). Not to be used by pregnant or breast-feeding women.

    Warnings: Use with caution. All the essential oil information available on our website (dosage, association, indications) has been gathered from a number of aromatherapy reference books written by medical researchers. This information should not however be taken as a substitute to a professional medical advice and, for that matter, does not engage our responsibility: CENTIFLOR is not liable for any accidents, injuries or prejudices whatsoever caused to anyone practicing auto-medication on the basis of the information available on this website.

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          Winter Savory essential oil (organic)

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          Avec du citron, cette huile de sarriette élimine rapidement les verrues. Je l’utilise sur mes pieds et c’est très pratique.

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