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    Essential oil Diffuser RONDO

    The RONDO diffuser is composed of a light brown, round, wooden base and a vase shaped glassware. Inside the base, a motor allows the microdiffusion of the essential oils into the air. There is no heating of the essential oils in the process so that there is no alteration whatsoever of their properties.

    • Easy to use in your home, shop or office.
    • Only a small quantity of essential oil is required.
    • A turn On/Off knob also allows the regulation of the diffusion intensity.
    • A glass cap minimizes the diffusion noise, regulates the diffusion and prevents dust from coming into the glass.
    • The wooden base is stable and anti-skid.
    • Very efficient for rooms up to 300 square feet.
    • Low energy consumption.
    • Nice design with no visible pipes.

    Dimensions : Total height around 6 inches - Glass height with cap around 4 inches - Base diameter around 4 1/3 inches - Power supply cable length around 6 feet.

    Diffuser warranty : 1 year.

    Caution: Only to be used with 100% pure and natural essential oils.

    The RONDO diffuser comes into 3 easy to assemble parts (base, glassware, cable) and instructions. Only replacement glassware is available for purchase on our site.

    For more about the art of diffusing essential oils and to learn how to create your own blends, go to : essential oils diffusion or click on essential oils compositions.


    Description : Nebulizing aromatherapy diffusers are preferred by many aroma-therapists because of their effectiveness in diffusing essential oils and in maintaining their therapeutic properties. The Rondo aromatherapy diffuser uses no heat. It is powered by an electric motor that propels a jet of air up into a glass phial. The jet of air then sprays a fine mist of essential oil micro-particles into the atmosphere. These droplets stay in the air for long periods of time and produce a fragrant aroma. They are easily assimilated through the lungs and into the bloodstream. The Rondo aromatherapy diffuser can be used to help combat specific sinus, respiratory and bronchial problems, depending on the essential oil being diffused. Some essential oils are also known to have anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties which, when diffused using an electric nebulizing diffuser, can help to eliminate viral microbes in a room. In addition, many essential oils are known to be mood enhancing and can help you relax, feel calm, feel more positive and much more. The control knob on the side of the wooden motor housing regulates the flow of air so when turned on low the essential oils can be diffused gently which is perfect for aroma-therapeutic purposes. When turned up high the electric aromatherapy diffuser can perfume a large area up to 350 square feet.

    Instructions for use : 1. Set up your diffuser: Insert the glass phial securely into the black rubber ring in the socket. 2. Add approx. 25-30 drops of essential oil into it. 3. Close the glass with the cap. It orientates the out-coming mist and protects the essential oil and glass phial from dust. 4. WARNING: Do not overfill, maximum level is 2,5 ml max at a time. If you fill it too full, the oil could get down into the pump and damage the mechanism. 5. Switch on, adjust the dial to the desired pressure, and enjoy the aroma.

    CAUTION: • Only diffuse therapeutic-grade essential oils or our pure essential oil diffuser blends. Make sure that the essential oil is appropriate for air diffusion (such as for example Balsam fire, Citrus, Citronella, Eucalyptus, Geranium, Lemongrass, Lavender, Lavandin, Pine, Rosemary, Ylang-Ylang). • Essential oils are highly active. Their safe use requires they be treated with care. The user should be knowledgeable about their properties and actions before use. When in doubt consult your physician or a qualified aromatherapy practitioner. • Do not diffuse essential oils when children under 3 years, pregnant or lactating women, allergic or asthmatic persons are present. • Keep the diffuser out of the reach of children or animals. • Do not put the diffuser near somebody’s face. • Do not diffuse longer than 15 minutes at a time, especially at maximum power, but at least 3 minutes. For a home, do not diffuse oils for more than four 15-minute periods in one day. • For optimal results you can plug the diffuser into a timer switch then select 3 or 4 x 15-minute diffusion sessions per day which will ensure the ambience in the room is maintained. • The diffuser can continue to run with nothing in it since it is only air going through the diffuser. Do not refill it constantly and never more than 2,5 ml at a time.

    How to change oils and clean your diffuser : Simply add 25-30 drops of Lavandin, Lavender, Eucalyptus or Balsam Fir essential oil or a teaspoon or two of denatured or isopropyl alcohol to allow the last trace of the former oil to float to the top and diffuse for a minute or two. Add the new oil, and you're ready to go.

    Cleaning the glass nebulizer : Cleaning the nebulizer (tubes in the glass phial) is recommended regularly every few weeks, or if after several fillings, the oil starts to thicken (due to oxidation). Citrus oils such as lemon or orange or blends with citrus oils in them can begin to accumulate on the sides of the nebulizer. To keep your diffuser clean and at peak efficiency, use it on a daily basis and alternate your diffusions with Lavandin, Lavender, Eucalyptus or Balsam Fir essential oils. If you are not using the diffuser, it is best to remove any essential oil and rinse with some alcohol. The injector (curved glass tube) can clog if traces of essential oil are allowed to sit in the glass nebulizer for long periods of time. We recommend denatured or isopropyl alcohol to eliminate any potential buildup in the curved capillary (some people use vodka). 1. Add about 2,5ml of alcohol to the nebulizer. 2. Diffuse the alcohol in the nebulizer a few minutes. 3. Empty any remaining alcohol from nebulizer. 4. Run the nebulizer empty for a few minutes to dry. 5. Start this operation again, if necessary. 6. Soak overnight in alcohol if clogging persists. Dust parts inside the vertical glass tube can be removed with an acupuncture needle.

    Note:: Always highly dilute viscous oils such Patchouli, Sandalwood or as Ylang Ylang with Lavender or Lavandin oil. Never use fatty oils like Almond or Jojoba (common adulterates in cheap essential oils) as they will clog the tiny parts of the nebulizer. Should you break the glass nebulizer, we do sell replacements on RONDO replacement diffuser glass