Essential Oil Synergy Spray Jardin Citrus

Essential Oil Blend combining 100% pur and natural essential oils from Bergamot, Lemon, Orange, Lemo

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    Citrus fruits composition (spray)

    The Citrus fruits aromatic spray, loved by children, purifies the air while creating a peaceful and refreshing ambience. It is composed of 7 pure and natural essential oils selected for their relaxing and antiseptic virtues.

    Usage: Spray 5 to 6 times a day.


    Bergamot essential oil (EO): Appeasing, ambient air antiseptic (see bergamot to learn more)

    Lemon EO: Ambient air antiseptic, relaxing, anti-infectious (see Lemon essential oil to learn more)

    Mandarin EO: Relaxing, sedative (see mandarin to learn more)

    Orange EO: Antiseptic, appeasing, sedative (see orange to learn more)

    Grapefruit EO: Aerial antiseptic (see grapefruit to learn more)

    Lemon balm EO: Appeasing, sedative, helps falling asleep (see lemon balm to learn more)

    Lemongrass EO: Appeasing, anti-stress (see lemongrass to learn more)

    100% pure and natural essential oils, in 15 ml brown glass bottles with spray pumps. Do not ingest. Keep away from children. Avoid contact with the skin.

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          Essential Oil Synergy Spray Jardin Citrus

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