St John’s Wort Oil

Hypericum perforatum

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    St John's Wort Oil - certified organic herbal infused oil

    Botanical Name: Hypericum perforatum

    Culture : Certified organic by ECOCERT sas F-32600 L'Isle Jourdain.

    Composition: St John's Wort flowers infused in olive oil.


    • anti-inflammatory
    • healing and cicatrising (wounds, sunburns, bruises, variscose veins, bee stings)
    • decongesting
    • against mild depression, PMS, symptomes related to menopause

      massage ou frictionMassage : back, neck

      massage ou frictionBurn (mild): mix 3 ml Aspic Lavenderoil + 1 ml Helichrysumoil + 0,5 ml Laureloil+ 5 ml St. John's wort Oil. Apply 3 times per day until complete healing.

      massage ou frictionSunburn : mix the following ingredients in a 30 ml bottle: 15 ml St John's Wort oil + 3 ml Aspic Lavender essential oil + 1 ml Helichrysum essential oil + 2 ml Geranium essential oil + fill up to 30 ml with Arganoil. Apply 3 times per day until complete healing.

      Contraindications : St. John's Wort Oil may cause photo-sensitivity. Wait at least 6 hours before sunexposure after having applied the oil.

      Conservation : Keep the bottle tightly closed and store in a cool place away from direct sunlight.

      For best results when mixing vegetable oils and essential oils, we recommend using our measuring pipets (in ml) as well as our glass or plastic bottles (see bottles / pipets on the left column).

      To learn more about vegetable oils, go to this page: vegetable oils.

      Cristal PET-Bottle 100 ml with aluminium cap.

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