Apricotkernel Oil (organic)

Prunus armeniaca

Origin Uzbekistan

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    Apricot kernel vegetable oil

    Botanical name: Prunus armeniaca rosaceae

    Culture: 100% pure and natural organic vegetable oil

    Composition: Thee apricot kernel vegetable oil si very rich in unsaturated fatty acids (90%) and very well balanced (2/3 of oleic acid, 1/3 of linoleic acid).

    Properties: This high quality vegetable oil is:

    • emollient (softens the skin) and nourishing
    • Rich in vitamins A and E, it slows down skin-aging
    • revitalizes and tonifies dull, tired and wrinkled skins
    • Thin and non-greasy, it quickly penetrates the skin, leaving no trace of grease. It is perfect for massaging
    • It can be used for sun protection if exposition is not too long
    • antispasmodic and relaxing, in combination with essential oils

    The composition of Apricot kernel oil is close to that of Sweet almond and can very well be used in place of it. Do not swallow.

    For best results when mixing vegetable oils and essential oils, we recommend using our measuring pipets (in ml) as well as our glass or plastic bottles (see "our products" and "bottles / pipets" on the left column ).

    To learn more about vegetable oils, go to this page:
    vegetable oils.

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          Apricotkernel Oil (organic)

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          Je l'utilise à la place des crèmes de jour et de nuit et j'y rajoute de l'huile essentielle de lavande qd j'ai abusé du soleil. Ma peau est nickel, toute douce, l'huile pénètre bien (faut pas en mettre 3L non plus hein: pour le visage, une ou deux pressions suffisent) J'ai 41 ans , apparemment j'en fais beaucoup moins.

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          L'huile d'abricot a bien agi sur mes cheveux très secs en leur redonnant de la souplesse et de la discipline.

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