Rosehip Oil (organic)

Rosa rubiginosa

Origin Chili

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    Rosehip vegetable oil

    Botanical name: Rosa mosqueta

    Origin: Chili

    Culture: 100% pure and natural virgin vegetable oil

    Composition: Rosehip oil is rich in omega 6 (50%) and omega 3 (30%). It also contains vitamins A, E and D.

    Properties: Rosehip oil has extraordinary virtues:

    • powerful anti-wrinkle (in association, among others, with Rose essential oil)
    • heals burns, sunburns, acnea, rosacea, brittle nails
    • it nourishes the skin and softens the skin cells (anti stretch-marks)

    Rosehip oil is perfect for skin care. For anti-wrinkle care, see Anti-aging oil care (learn more).

    For best results when mixing vegetable oils and essential oils, we recommend using our measuring pipets (in ml) as well as our glass or plastic bottles (see "our products" and "bottles / pipets" on the left column).

    To learn more about vegetable oils, go to this page: vegetable oils.

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