digital thermometer

-50°C /+ 300°C

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    Digital thermometer

    Temperature range: -50°C to approx. +300°C (-58°F to approx. +572°F)
    Distinguishing rate: 0.1 °C
    Accuracy: (-20°C to approx. 80°C)+-1°C
    Power voltage: DC 1.5V


    Memory of the last measuring.
    Measuring and dispay low voltage.
    Saving power: auto-off after 10 minutes of no-operation
    Sensor fault display
    Switch between °C and °F

    Operation description

    ON/OFF: Press the key to turn on/off the thermometer.
    When turned on it displays the last measuring temperature for 1.5 seconds then enters into measuring mode.
    Auto-off after 15 minutes of no-operation.
    °C/°F: In the mode of temperature display press the key to switch between °C and °F.
    Measuring and display low voltage: when voltage lower than 1.3 V LCD display shows "LOW".
    Display HHH when sensor open circuit or lower than measuring range; Display LLL when sensor short circuit or higher than measuring range.


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