Jojoba Oil (organic)

Simmondsia chinensis

Origin Argentinia

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    Jojoba vegetable oil

    Botanical name: Simmondsia chinensis

    Culture: virgin, 100% natural vegetable oil

    Composition: Jojoba oil is a wax (97% of wax esters).

    Non greasy on contact, it contains around 50% of non-saponifiable.

    Properties: Among its numerous properties, Jojoba oil is:

    • perfectly well tolerated by the most sensitive skins,
    • hydrating (occlusive effect) and moistening,
    • restructurating (maintains the softness of the skin),
    • stable (it doesn't get stale and it is not sensitive to heat or UVs),
    • excellent for hair care (nourishing and softening, it prevents dandruff proliferation), perfect for acneic skins (the analogy of its chemical structure with sebum allows a minimal production of sebum by the sebaceous glands).

    It is widely used in the cosmetic industry for all these reasons (massaging and demake-up oils). For best results when mixing vegetable oils and essential oils, we recommend using our measuring pipets (in ml) as well as our glass or plastic bottles (see our bottles and pipets on the left column). To learn more about vegetable oils, go to this page: vegetable oils.

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