Butyrospermum parkii

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    Shea butter

    Botanical name: Butyrospermum parkii

    Culture: Issued from native culture (100% pure, 100% natural), extracted by mechanical pressure, without solvent usage, unrefined.

    Country of origin: Western Africa

    Composition: Rich in A (retinol), E (tocopherol) and F (linoleic acid) vitamins

    Main properties: Shea butter improves the elasticity of the skin, stimulates the synthesis of collagen, slows down skin aging, hydrates the skin, reduces the depth of wrinkles, improves the efficiency of the skin microcirculation, protects against external agressions and UVs.

    Indications: The shea butter primary usage is to fight problems caused by dehydration. In dry seasons and in the winter, it prevents cracks and chap. It can also be used for hair care (preventing the formation of dandruff and softening the scalp). Shea butter is also used for warm muscles massaging, to heal twist, sprain, dislocation and muscle soreness.

    Usage: Dry Hair / massage: The night before shampooing, apply shea butter on your hair (a spoonful, that you have first carefully allowed to melt in your hand so as to make it liquid). Wrap your hair in a warm towel. The keratin will then be able to absorb all it needs to.

    Dry skin / massage: Apply generously on all the exposed parts. Massage for a few minutes.

    This products comes in 3.5 oz jars.

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