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There are various states of stress. Positive, stimulating and motor stress which makes us feel good and "boosts" us. But more and more of us are exposed to chronic stress which becomes harmful to our body.

Faced with the same situation, each person feels  stress  differently depending on their sensitivity. There are no definite and established causes for stress, but at certain times of life or certain mental states we may be more prone to developing discomfort. There are many reactions to persistent stress: sleep or memory disorders, anxiety, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, pain, physical and psychological exhaustion such as depression, anxiety, etc. All these factors can also weaken our immune system.

Essential oils can help better manage the emotions and sensations associated with stress . Associated with rules of life to apply (see below) they  are perfect allies to find positive energy and help the body to regain balance. By acting on our central nervous system, they  increase the feeling of well-being and serenity. 

Stress, relax

Which anti-stress essential oil (s) to choose?

Our selection of essential oils below classified according to various states of stress will allow you to find the essential oil (s) that suit you best. Because indeed, we are all different, and aromatherapy has the advantage of being able to adapt to each situation and individual.

Select one or two essential oils that suit your situation. You can use them in a relaxing bath, in a massage oil, your body milk or facial treatment, in diffusion or by breathing them directly from the bottle, with an  inhaler or on a handkerchief.


How to use anti-stress essential oils?

Adult local massage:  5 drops of essential oil for 5 ml of vegetable oil .

Adult body massage:  5 drops of essential oil for 10 ml of vegetable oil .

Body bath or foot bath:  10 to 20 drops diluted in a medium (neutral liquid soap, Epsom salt ,  Solub HE, etc.)

Diffusion: Pour the essential oils into your diffuser and diffuse the oils before bed or any time of the day when you need to re-balance yourself.

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relaxing massage

Take care of yourself ! 

Apply some basic rules that will help you minimize feelings of stress or anxiety in your daily life.

  • Stay tuned, pay attention to your feelings, emotions and reactions.

  • Give yourself permission to express your feelings to someone you trust, through writing, physical activity or otherwise.  Keep in regular contact with your loved ones. Let them know how you are feeling and let them know about your concerns.

  • Practice a physical activity that allows you to evacuate your stress and eliminate your tensions (yoga, walking, sophrology, cardiac coherence, meditation ...)

  • Connect with nature as often as possible.

  • Adopt healthy lifestyle habits such as a balanced, non-industrial diet and adequate hours of sleep;

  • Get up and go to bed at regular times every day.

  • Take care of your personal hygiene.

  • Eat healthy and at a fixed time.

  • Exercise regularly. Three to four minutes of light physical activity, such as walking or stretching, can be beneficial.
  • Breathe deeply: breathe in through your nose, then breathe out slowly. Adopting slow breathing is one of the best ways to reduce stress because it tells your brain to relax your body.

  • Take note of your thoughts and feelings, without judgment. Instead of trying to answer or face them, write them down and evacuate them.

  • Set aside time to work and time to rest.

  • Spend time on the things you love to do, indulge yourself in small pleasures

  • Stay away from screens regularly.
  • Don't use alcohol or drugs to help fight fear, anxiety, boredom, or isolation.

  • Limit the factors that cause you stress (you can also read our article on detox by  clicking here

  • Stay in touch with people who do you good, protect yourself from toxic (negative) people.
  • Don't be too demanding of yourself in difficult times. Accept that your productivity is different from day to day.

  • Avoid reading, watching, or listening to information that makes you anxious or anxious. Consult reliable and up-to-date sources of information at specific times of the day.

  • Helping others can benefit you. If you can, offer your help to those in your community who need it.

  • Remember the winning strategies you have used in the past to get through a difficult time.

  • Build on your personal strengths.

  • Set your limits (for example, refuse a task that you don't want to do and that is not essential).

  • Learn to delegate and to ask for and accept help from others.

The "anti-stress" of Huiles & Sens 

relaxing massage oil

Relaxing Massage Oil

The synergy of essential oils selected in this formula brings immediate psychological relief and helps rebalance the nervous system. Light in texture, based on organic apricot kernel oil, it allows gentle massages without leaving a greasy feeling. The soothing aromas of essential oils with hints of orange and lavender are very popular with the whole family.

anti stress roll on

Anti-Stress Roll-on 

Wrap yourself in aromas in this roll-on which, in addition to scenting you, will help you to live better in stressful situations. Indeed, the essential oils in this synergy are recognized for balancing and soothing properties on the nervous system.

The synergies of essential oils 
for your diffuser or in sprays to take everywhereanti stress synergies

Synergy MEDITATION                         Synergy ZEN                 Synergy SHOOTING STAR

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