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ml (Huiles essentielles + Huiles végétales)


Vous avez besoin de : gouttes d'huile essentielle et ml d'huile végétale

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ml (Huiles essentielles + Huiles végétales)

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ml d'huile végétale

Concentrations of essential oils externally to your own cosmetics

- Atomizer 10% or, for example, 120 drops in 30 cl of water (shake well before use)

- Bath: maximum 10 drops (depending on age) - never pure, diluted in a solvent (eg Solub-HE for example)

- Foot bath: 4-6 drops (depending on age)

- Cream: 2 to 2.5%

- Massage oil: 2 to 10%

- Inhalation: 2 drops to a bowl of boiling water (depending on age)

- Lotion, shampoo and after shampoo: 1 to 1.5%

- Ointment: 3 to 5%

- Insect repellent: 2 to 2.5%

Measurements and equivalences

40 drops on average = about 1 gr liquid = 1 ml (density close, which is close to 1 for EO)

160 drops = about 1 teaspoon (about 4 ml or 4 gr)

400 drops = 1 tablespoon (about 10 ml or 10 gr)

flasks essential oils For successful vegetable oil mixtures - essential oils (or other cosmetic ingredient), we have pipettes measure ml, precision balance and flasks and glass or plastic jars (see the Accessories section).

To learn more about the virtues and properties of our vegetable oils, head to page : vegetable oils.

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