Your Anti-Candida Aromatic Program

fight candidosis inflammation successfully and change your life

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    30 days program to successfully fight Candidosis Inflammation + one-week mini-coaching on the internet 

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    Your Anti-Candida Aromatic is a progressive 30 days program to successfully teach you how to fight Candidosis Inflammation.

    • Have you ever experienced the healing power of a Candida diet?
    • Did you know that very often the Diet alone is not enough
    • You do not want to take a pill at each meal for the rest of your life?
    • You are pregnant and you’d rather not take any potentially toxic anti-candida treatment?
    • You need to find a toxicity free anti-candida treatment for your ADHD or Autistic child?
    • You want to use safe and powerful yet natural ways to work on your physical and emotional symptoms?
    • You hate being on a diet?

    Well, here is much more: a whole therapeutic program!

    Did you know how powerful  Holistic Aromatherapy can be? 
    Yes, it works ( in the same time)
    On your symptoms of die off (so you don’t need drugs)
    On your energetic weaknesses (so you work also on the causes of your candidosis)
    On boosting your mood (no more toxic emotions)
    On decreasing your sugar cravings (more strength to resist the bad stuff)
    On helping the external manifestations of the fungal infection
    On fighting the internal toxicity coming from the candida mycotoxins
    On boosting your immunity
    On cleaning your liver and your kidneys
    On repairing your gut
    On reducing inflammation
    And it creates synergie with any food supplements.
    Discover the power of essential oils in dermal applications and how good it is to let your digestive system rest…

    Purchasing this book entitles you to one-week mini-coaching on the internet to help you start the program and prepare properly before you start !

    It is also a very practical and easy way to learn how to protect yourself from the epidemic of chronic diseases that will touch half of the American population in the coming years

    You’ll learn to avoid what was creating the invasion of the fungus, which means taking care of your toxicity level,your immunity, your digestive system, your silent inflammation
    You’ll discover why this diet is also the best way to prevent most of the major chronic diseases that half of the US population will be affected with by 2025. Yes, we are talking about chronic disease, because all of them are linked to inflammation and candida infection.

    Content of this book :

    • Your grocery list, allowing you to properly manage the availability of your very own foods
    • Plenty of anti-fungal gourmet recipes from all over the world, to please the entire family as well as your guests,
    • Anti-fungal and detoxifying supplements
    • Aromatic preparations to ready yourself for physical and em0tional detoxification, deep ground treatment as well as symptoms relief
    • Drug free alternatives to classic medicine used for candida related symptoms
    • Tips to help you get the most from the program and stay “clean”
    • Tools to help you identify the imbalances feeding your candidosis
    • Pages to help your customize the program to demanding situations such as Autism, ADHD, Sugar addiction.
    • Pages to help you deal with your emotions with essential oils
    • Pages to help people with special needs : Autism, ADHD, IBS, vegetarians
    • FAQ’s

    The recipes offered here are based on carefully chosen ingredients that are most primarily anti-fungal and detoxifying.

    Making them part of your eating habits will be beneficial to you for the rest of your life, to maintain both your internal and emotional balance and to protect you against future re-occurrence of candida.

    Book dimensions :

    Pages : 240
    EAN : 978-2-8755- 2054-8

    The French version of this book is also available on our web-site under L'Equilibre Anti-Candida